Nearly HALF of Americans are directly affected by incarceration. It shouldn't be a surprise, but many families, including myself, have kept it a secret due to the heavy stigmatization. BigHouse Card Company is a greeting card line created to support families impacted by incarceration, though many of our cards are applicable to anyone!

Statistics show (and it is so accurate from personal experience) that staying connected while incarcerated positively impacts the entire family’s mental and emotional health, and greatly reduces recidivism. Our mission is to show impacted families that they ARE seen, and they don't have to be embarrassed of their incarcerated loved one(s). We want to break harmful stigmas and be a part in reducing recidivism. 

We firmly believe that people incarcerated are not defined by their crime. More often than not, people are capable of changing their lives, and many do every single day. Having BigHouse cards in stores would mean no one is left out.

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