Who's BigHouse?

BigHouse Card Company is a professional greeting card line created for people who are a part of the incarcerated community. Inspired by personal experience of having a family member currently in prison, our cards are tasteful, thoughtful, relevant, funny and heartfelt. We pride ourselves in using quality card stock paper, packaging, and being transparent with you.

Numbers have clearly shown that staying connected during incarceration positively impacts the entire family’s mental and emotional health, along with maintaining the relationship. Recidivism rate also greatly reduces when the family sticks together. Many people that are incarcerated are placed hundreds of miles and even states away, only being able to visit once or twice a year, putting a heavy strain on the entire family.

We firmly believe that people incarcerated are not defined by their crime. More often than not, they are capable of changing their lives, and many do everyday. They are not society’s rejects, but are parents, children, musicians, artists, students, writers, teachers, and so much more.

 (Photo Credit: Corrections1)